Saturday, December 25, 2010

Thanks for the Memories

31.  I loved watching my family interact and and bond together this Christmas.
Michael, Jeffrey and Nate started jamming and the others added to it.
Michael on piano, Jeffrey on guitar, Nate on Bass, Rebekah on flute
Rachel on clarinet and Andrew on the keyboard.  I'm sure Matt would be great on the horn!
32.   My sister Laura was born on the 23rd of December when I was 10.  She is an amazing mother of six, and foster mother of many, many, infants, children and even teenagers.  I learn alot from her and I'm thankful I know her and get to share a few times with her.
33.   I love the way my children uplift and encourage each other.
34.  Thank you for letting my son Matthew phone home at Christmas time.  What a nice way to say hello, connect with the family and remember him.
35.  I'm thankful for the opportunity of missions and service and the challenge it brings to widen and strengthen our minds.
36.  I feel so grateful for a husband who loves the scriptures and insights of God and ponders them and shares with us the big vision of life and where we are going.
37.  Having sons and daughters is the greatest gift God gave Jeffrey and I.
38.  Thanks to the Lord for the means to bring our family together and enrich and help their lives.
39.  I am thankful for the warm comfort of a pet.
40.  I'm so thankful to live in a country, state, town, and home of peace and prosperity.

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