Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Angels in my life

61. I'm so very thankful for Laura Nausin's advise and help with Nate's wedding celebration.
62. JoAnn Carey is an answer to prayer in my calling as a camp quilt leader. Her talent is extraordinary. And sharing her insights and knowledge is so wonderful.
63.  I'm thankful JoAnn decided to just sew up some beautiful quilts for the girls and leaders.
64. Grandma Nausin is always happy to share her talents (like German Chocolate Cake) and when she does it certainly blesses my life.  Her eagerness to serve and help is heartwarming.
65. Laura went shopping and found a dress so I would be comfortable - I think she wanted to make sure I didn't look like a Great Grandma - now that was nice!
66. My girls took me shopping for shoes so I wouldn't wear my old ones.
67.  Susy, traveling back from Phoenix, asked what she could do for me next week when she came.  I told her it was OK I'm fine I just want to see her.
68. Jeffrey took time out tonight to address wedding invitations while watching playoff basketball games.
69. Rebekah and Rachel cleaned up the kitchen just cause.
70. Michael dropped down next to me and shared some insights he had discovered.