Thursday, December 9, 2010

Contemplation is good for me

3. The Lord really knew what he was doing when he let me come to a big family.  Many opportunities to learn, grow, and decide what I wanted.
4. I love the uplift in my heart when I see and watch beautiful things.  I'm grateful for the gift of sight.
5. Thanks to the Lord for Oceans!  There is something soul filling in being there.
6. The color and smell of trees - I love autumn and spring!!! And then they are just great in the summer too

7. My sister  she's always there for me.

8.  Sunsets and sunrises, God's way of saying hello and goodnight, I'm here.

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  1. I love this Linda Ann. I am so happy we are doing it together. As President Monson said, "An attitude of gratitude must be cultivated!" He would be so proud of us! ;-) I really like your background here, so pretty.