Sunday, January 2, 2011

Life is Good

41.  I appreicate living in the day and age of technology, instant communication, and having a computer.
42.  I really like cameras.
43.  Dishwashers are soooo nice to have.
44.  I like instantly working stoves - no wood, coal or propane required - though those kind of stoves can produce really good bread and things also.
45.  Big Screen TV's are awesome.  I love watching with the whole family.
46.  Having Rebekah at home for this time is tremendously good.
47.  Life with refridgerators is lovely.
48. Vaccums are nifty.
49.  I love reading, I'm glad I'm able to read what others have written, I love the communication.
50.  I love learning from my children.

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