Tuesday, January 11, 2011

As I pass over the reins......

51.  Being part of Girls Camp was really a creative, bonding, and spiritually uplifting time.
52. I love the friendship I developed with Lanette Hopkins, what a wonderful woman.
53.  Wendy Vance is a great friend now who has the convictions to do right and a heart of pure gold.  Graceful, elegant, stately come to mind when I see her.
54. Stacey Frost is fun, creative, and bold in her testimony of Christ.
55. Marianne Gatchell went from being a school contact to a friendship with love,  fun, and lots of creativity.
56. It was so fun to get to know Emily Merrill who now lives in my ward, and Marci Jones who I met as a 2nd year leader and really got to know in her capacity as president, what a sweetheart!
57. I'll never forget the head massage I got from Jill Bragg and the fun and laughter we shared.
58.  Teemaree has so many sides to her personality and watching her wearing different hats of fun, spirituality, and leadership was fantastic.
59. There are many ladies I got to know for the very first time, like Ruth Assisly, Karma Christensen, Pat Nieman, Nancy Bullock, Marsha Alexander, Karen Anderson, Cathe Toland, Cindy Barisof,  etc........
60. I loved watching women I already knew interact in the camp setting - Joanne Magleby, Michelle March, Linette Perona, Sam Bowerbank, Lynette Woods and many,  many others.


  1. I loved reading this I don't think there were more than a few that I don't know and love also. Such amazing friends we have in the church. It is a unique and blessed experience. You are all such lifters, how blessed the young women have been!

  2. I didn't realize as my children left the nest that I'd be losing the huge chunk of my life I just assumed would always be there - the mothers - of all their friends. Talking at ball games, school plays and projects, working with other mothers every day. Then the kids goes to college and "puff!" there goes your network. So getting into Girls Camp was really great because I was working with other women every week - just like in the good old days with all the mothers.