Monday, February 6, 2012

What do we find Joy in?

Teemaree Capener has challenged us to find joy everyday in our life.  She handed out a "joy journal" for all the sisters in Relief Society to write a least one thing a day this year of things that bring us joy.  She ran out of journals, so I decided to use this format instead of a little book.  I'll just change my thanks into joy for the rest of this year.......

111. Michael playing Canon in D fills me with joy. Especially when he plays it just for me when he thinks I may be blue.
112. Walking the beach with Rachel and my friend Diane fills my heart with joy and happiness.
113. Matthew fulfilling his potential and finding happiness makes me very happy.
114. Having a husband who is considerate of others, gives me joy.
115. Rachel went to watch some children and little Sam came running up to her with a huge smile on his face with hands out-stretched -  made my heart leap.
116. Relief that a friend made it out of the hospital made me glad.
117. Watching the sunrises for the past week have been awesome.  It feels like God is giving a beautiful hello to those who have to get up so early.
118.  Having a good friend to shop every Monday with is awe-inspiring.
119. Rebekah wanted a German Chocolate cake for her birthday and stuffed manicotti.  I had no fear making the manicotti from scratch (old Italian recipe), but the cake..... from scratch?  Grandma Nausin said no problem, she would be happy too.  Ahh, good feelings in my heart.  Then Laura said she had some rolls that would go bad if we didn't eat them - yummy.  Rebekah comes home and sees the candles on the cake and the broccoli and manicotti just out of the oven and tells Rachel she should have asked for rolls to make it complete and Rachel flips up the cloth and she is happy too!

120. Rebekah is a really terrific daughter to have. Caring, thoughtful, creative and fun.  She gives lots of joy.
121. I just found out Jennie is coming to Utah to live!! She will be closer - we now have a chance of seeing her in the foreseeable future!  Jennie always makes me happy.  She is a joyful, friendly, fun person to be around.
122. Having fun with my IPad.  My thoughtful, loving husband gave me this terrific toy for Christmas, I'm having so much fun playing with it.
123. Dana Powell showed me how to play a form of scrabble on the Ipad with friends and now we are playing whenever someone puts in a word - very fun!  Of course Dana is beating me by a mile, but it is still loads of fun coming up with solutions.
124. I loved going to see the elephant seals!  They are so much bigger in person than on TV!  It sounds like a recess yard of children until you come around the sand dunes and see all the seals on the beach.
Babies and moms calling each other.  Males grunting,  groaning, barking, and fighting away other males.  It was great!
125.  Watching Michael play basketball is very fun.  He is good at what he does, enjoys it and can make some really neat plays!  His slam dunk is really nice! A friend put one on Youtube
It makes me laugh when I view it.
126. I love the signs of spring.  As I walk up the hill to Diane Chambers house, I watch the Daffodil shoots coming up, and now the buds are showing.  Pretty soon there will be an abundance of color!  Anticipation is a good thing.
The pink color is a dying rose (imagine roses in January!)

127. I'm glad we are going to have a little rain.  We need it.  On the other hand the weather has been absolutely perfect for walking and playing every day.
128. I love talking to my sister Susy.  She makes my day.
129. There is nothing like petting a cat to make your heart slow down and feel peaceful.
130. Sometimes a glass of cool water is the most enjoyable thing after walking for a long time. I love the fact that Ralph Magleby got us set up with a water dispenser and Alhambra water that is the perfect temperature every time.

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