Thursday, September 1, 2011

Carter Camping and Yoga on the Mountain

 81. Thanks to the generous Carters, Rachel and I had a fantastic weekend - ATV buggy ride is a great way to see the back roads.
 82. I'm thankful I wasn't part of this avalanche.  It is awesome to see the force of nature.
 83. Thanks for the late Spring which allowed me to see meadows of carpeted flowers.
 84.  So thankful for inviting lakes which allow for a cool-off and fun!
 85. Sterling lake, a snow melt lake that is clear, cold, blue and beautiful.
 86.  Thanks for patient friends who let me meander and explore the beauty God makes.
 87.  Many thanks for good friends to have dinner with and enjoyable conversations.
 88. I love hearing of others travels and adventures.  Their kids and hilarious happenings.
 89. I loved coming onto an anomaly and wondering how a nest could come to be so close to where I could examine it.
 90.  The tight design and effort it took to make this.  Where are the baby birds?  Thanks for the view.
 91. Found out a grandpa found the nest and placed it out where his grandchildren would run into it.  Thanks for caring parents.
 92.  Thanks so much for the creation and beauty found in patterns from God.
 93.  Thanks for Bishop Carter taking the time to teach my daughter fishing.
 94.  Thanks for a great daughter who went along though she wasn't sure she wanted a new experience.
 95.  Thanks for a man who makes the effort and takes the time for his friends.
 96. Bishop Carter took the time to go out on a boat that he hauled through the woods and put on a electric motor, let us in, left his wife on the beach, and pushed us off into the water.
 97.  Thanks for the knowledge and foresight that allowed my daughter to have the joy of catching 4 fish!
 98. She is thankful for a man who will bait, net, and de-hook fish so she never had to touch them.
 99.  Thanks for special memories of my father that came from going with a man who is kind, patient, and funny.
 100.  Thanks for those who wait when I find something curious.
 101.  Thanks for the bonding with my daughter and friends.
 102.  Thanks for Rachel co-operation and sense of humor when I ask for things.
 103.  Thank-you to two special friends who made sure we had adventures every day and found ways to help us see their world.
 104.  Thanks to God for a beautiful World.  Donner Lake, we hiked up to the top of the World.
 105. Thanks to those who stop and wait for a photo buff's pleasure.
 106.  Thank you Lord for a beautiful morning!
 107.  Thanks for Bishop Carter showing Rachel how to ride an ATV and then allowing her to go by herself!
 108.  It is awesome to be around inventive, creative people who know how to have a comfortable home to sleep become a garage to store the toys in!
 109.  Thanks so pioneers of years past and their creativity and effort.
110.  Thank you God for those little places of beauty found at the end of the trail.

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